Winter Street conditions and Snow Removal!!!


RE: Winter Street conditions and Snow Removal

A “snow emergency” is defined as 3” of accumulated snow and more snow actually falling.  The Town maintenance crew will then begin the process of plowing snow off the streets.

PARKING PROHIBITED: Parking on any public street or highway is completely prohibited, on both sides, during a snow emergency.  Please make the effort to move your vehicle(s) so the streets can be cleared of snow, and our maintenance crew doesn’t have to operate snow removal equipment around your vehicle.

In the event of any continued violation of this ordinance, the Town is authorized to remove and/or impound a vehicle at the expense of the registered owner. Again, please be attentive to the weather and make the effort to move your vehicle(s).

FYI:  U.S. Highway #14 that runs through the Town of Ranchester is maintained by the State. All public streets in the Town of Ranchester are maintained by the Town maintenance crew.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding