Ranchester Town Hall Park Landscaping 2019 Proposal Deadline May 21, 2019

Landscape contractor shall design and install irrigation system to accommodate new concrete shelter and caboose pads and playground. Wiring from the zone controller to the existing zone boxes are existing and functional and it will be up to the landscaper to determine which zone will serve each area best. Each zone has an adequate flow from the Town’s water system. Quote a total price trenching, material, and installation for irrigation.

Plant new trees with fabric and mulch as shown on the attached plan and ensure irrigation is installed as necessary. Quote for each tree installed and size proposed.

Install sod in areas of back filled soil and re-seed other disturbed areas of existing grass that have not been excavated or back filled. Some topsoil may require preparation prior to sod. Quote sod and seed by the SF.

A site visit is recommended and may be scheduled.

Please direct all questions and email quotes to: Chris Johnson PE, Engineer 655-2283