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About Ranchester

Ranchester, Wyoming, built on rails and ties and incorporated in 1911, is nestled deep in the heart of farm and ranch country. Located between the award-winning, historic City of Sheridan and the gorgeous Big Horn Mountains, the Town of Ranchester, population 974 (2017 Census Estimate), sits just 9 miles south of the Montana state line, directly off I-90. Raising a family and making a living are enjoyed in the shadow of the Big Horn Mountains. Connor Battlefield State Park is located within the town limits and offers great fishing opportunities, a playground area for kids, and many available sites for overnight camping.  Historic U.S. Highway 14 runs through the center of town, heading over the Bighorns via the Big Horn Scenic Byway, ending at the east gate to Yellowstone National Park. The combination of rich history, incredible views, and friendly community make Ranchester, Wyoming the West at its best. 

Mayor's Corner

Musings and observations from the desk of Ranchester Mayor Peter Clark.


Over the past several months numerous individuals have come to town hall to complain about the Ranchester Post Office. Since the town has no authority over the post office, I contacted U.S.  Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s Deputy State Director, Jackie King, and asked if Congresswoman Cheney’s office could help. I invited anyone with issues with the post office to contact town hall. After talking to local postal customers, Jackie scheduled a meeting with a district manager from Denver. On September 13, 2018, Jackie King and the postal representative sat down with a postal patron and myself for a frank 2-hour discussion about our concerns. The talk was very informative. Congresswoman Cheney’s office and the Post Office will work together to address the local concerns.

Before I moved back to the Sheridan area in 1981, I lived for four years in Redwood City, California, between San Francisco and San Jose. Redwood City’s motto was “climate best by government test.” Redwood City was neither too cold in the winter nor too hot in the summer. In fact, its climate was rather boring. Unlike Ranchester where we have four seasons, Redwood City has only two seasons, Green and Brown. Winters were green and summers were brown. Each season lasted about six months. There was nothing in between, no real spring or fall. Most of the trees didn’t even lose their leaves. I love the seasons in Ranchester and I am looking forward to all the fall colors and falling leaves.

Speaking of falling leaves, only green waste goes into the green waste bin. Please, no plastic leaf bags or other non-compostable items. If non-compostable trash gets into the bin the landfill will charge the town full price for dumping household garbage—green waste is free.

Have you seen the construction behind town hall? The town is installing playground equipment and two covered picnic pavilions. Eventually, we will be planting shade trees. The town is also developing a plan to upgrade and improve the other parks in town. Be thinking of what improvements you want for your neighborhood park.

Ranchester is a wonderful place to live. “Where the hand shake’s stronger and the smile lasts longer.”