Spring is here!

Now that spring is here, the mayor’s thoughts turn not to planning a garden but planning next year’s budget. The fiscal budget for the town runs from July 1st through June 30th.  Starting soon we will be putting together our best estimates of what we can save and spend next year. Not every year is the same. Some years come with different budgeting requirements. For example, this fiscal year we budgeted $14,000 to cover the cost of the primary and general elections. Fortunately, we only spent $9400, but what we saved on the elections will be spent on this year’s professional services. The town budgeted $8000 for professional services, but will probably exceed that amount by June 30th. Professional services include auditor and lawyer fees and it is hard to know from year to year what to budget for them.  We usually have a good idea what the auditors will charge, but the legal fees can vary a lot each year depending on how many court cases we try and ordinances we write. Nevertheless, the town budget looks pretty good going into the last quarter of the fiscal year. If you are interested in the budgeting process or have questions about the budget, give me a call.