Happy New Year!!

“January 1, 1986 Wed—Happy New Year may it be prosperous and successful—May the citizens of Ranchester have a good year and have no need to complain to or about the Mayor.” Mayor Harold Siebenaler

When I became Mayor four years ago I also became the custodian of four Steno Notebooks neatly written by Mayor Siebenaler from January 4, 1985 to January 5, 1987. I read them when I first took office in 2015 and reread them recently. Now after four years in office and dealing with the many challenges of being a mayor, I see that some things never change.  Many of the situations and problems that Mayor Siebenaler had to deal with I have had to deal with: personnel problems, constituent problems, infrastructure problems, flooding irrigation ditches, loose horses, stray and vicious dogs, tax money running out, non-payment of utility bills, building permit violations, parking issues, etc. Even some of the problem names and locations are the same. Nevertheless, there have also been lots of improvements in 30 years. Most of the streets are paved, the town infrastructure has been upgraded, and the town’s accounting/billing system has been updated and streamlined.

I am looking forward to serving the Town of Ranchester for another four years and I am hoping that Mayor Siebenaler’s sentiments hold true:  Ranchester have a good year but if you need to complain to or about the Mayor come and see me. One of my jobs is to listen.

 Ranchester—Where the hand shake’s stronger and the smile last longer.