Garbage Collection Rates/Fees

According to State Statute #15-7-407, Local Municipalities are required to be self-sufficient in providing Water, Sewer and Garbage services. Due to continued increases in landfill fees and garbage collection, it remains necessary to assess a fee for “extra garbage pickup”.

Town Ordinance #11-20-150 states that all garbage refuse shall be contained in a 90-gallon garbage toter for residential use. Anything not contained in the garbage toter for weekly pickup will be assessed accordingly. The Town is billed from the Sheridan Landfill fee schedule by weight. Therefore, your weekly rate of $7.00 or $28.00 per month only covers the weight of the refuse within the 90-gallon toter.

The policy of the Town of Ranchester to stay in compliance with State Statute is to assess an additional $5.00 per “extra garbage pickup”.

Break Down of Monthly Garbage Cost: (1 Residential Garbage Toter)

$28.00 – Standard monthly fee with no extra garbage outside the garbage toter.

$33.00 –  Monthly rate plus 1 week with extra garbage

$38.00 – Monthly rate plus 2 weeks of extra garbage

$43.00 – Monthly rate plus 3 weeks of extra garbage

$48.00 – Monthly rate plus 4 weeks of extra garbage

*Please be attentive to your weekly garbage disposal to avoid added cost.

The extra charges will appear on the” Extra Trash NOT In Toter” line of your regular water, sewer garbage monthly bill.


Town of Ranchester Administrative Offices