Being Mayor…

When people ask me about being mayor, I usually reply it is a lot like the TV series “Pawn Stars”— you never know what will come through the front door of town hall. Just this week some tourist passing through town dropped off a small black suit case they found in the middle of the railroad bridge coming into Ranchester. In the suitcase was the cell phone and insurance card of the owner. Apparently, the suit case slid off the back of 2018 Harley Davidson Tricycle from Columbus, Montana. Fortunately, the cell phone was unlocked so we had access to the individuals contact information—all three of them. The first contact number was his home, but that turned out to be a dead end. The second contact number connected us to an individual who said she would try to get a hold of the suit case’s owner. She did try but seemed rather confused when we answered the phone from which we just called her.  Finally, the third name on the list was able to somehow get hold of the individual and he retrieved his missing luggage the next day.

To paraphrase a line from Tennessee Williams’s play “A Streetcar Named Desire”—we all depend on the kindness of strangers at some time. Here is a perfect case of strangers depending on strangers. I want to thank the town clerks, Barbara and Kathie, for facilitating the reunion of the small black suitcase with its owner and the anonymous tourists who took the time to bring it into the town hall.

Isn’t Ranchester a great place to live? “Where the hand shake’s stronger and the smile lasts longer.”